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All you need to know about the ICO Catalog | coin❖trellis

All you need to know about the ICO Catalog


Cryptocurrency showed immense potential in 2017 and as a result, more and more people started investing their money into ICOs. According to research, ICOs in the United States raised more than $7.4 Billion in funding.

ICOs are a great way to support the new ideas but the main problem with the ICOs these days is that the majority of them are not real, they lack the leadership and they often fail.

In this post, we will tell you about the “ICO Catalog” which is one of its kind services and it helps you to find the authentic ICOs and also provide information which can help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started.

What is ICO Catalog?

ICO Catalog is an independent ICO Assessment platform which has a team of Crypto Experts which can help you to find the perfect ICO for your investment. The Platform uses the different parameters like Traffic, Backlinks, User’s Activity etc. to check if the ICO is authentic or not. The platform also collects this information on a daily basis and also ensure that the information is reliable.

ICO Catalog Methodology

There are hundreds of ICOs presented each month and it is almost impossible to do research about each of them. Here come the ICO Catalog, the platform uses reliable information from multiple resources which make the things easier. The ICO Catalog Methodology can be divided into three main parts.

In the first part, you will find the general information related to ICO. It will help you to establish a basic understanding of the ICO. This part contains the description of ICO, ICO Promo Material, Articles posted on particular ICO on third-party websites, ICO Whitepaper and Information from the ICO Official website.

The second part of the information is the detailed reviews of the ICO and its rating my outside Experts. These reviews are important as it helps you to understand the ICO but there is a possibility that experts might have an affiliation with the ICO initiators so only use the reviews as a general overview. Consult to the third part of the information which is more important.

The third part of the information contains most of the information gathered from multiple platforms like crypto forums, social media networks, and the internet. ICO Catalog is the first service in the world to monitor this service and the platform uses advanced algorithms which make sure the only reliable information makes its way to the platform. The third part of the information displays the following information.

1. The evaluation shows the attitude of the people to the ongoing ICO. Its value range between -3 (the most negative value) and +3 (the most positive attitude). The platform constancy evaluates the ICO and you can check the evaluation of a certain ICO for last day, week and month.

2. Potency shows the influence of Ongoing ICO on users and this parameter gives you an idea about how many users are interested in the specific ICO. Its value also ranges from -3 to +3.

3. Traffic section shows the traffic data for each ICO which is collected via Google’s top 20 organic search results. This section also shows the number of unique visitors on the ICO website and the information is updated every 7 days for each ICO.

4. Backlinks are one of the most important indicators which show the popularity of the ICO. ICO Catalog shows the information on the number of backlinks which can be found on Google search across all regions. The data available on Backlinks also shows distributions of Backlinks by countries and domain zones which can help you to know the popularity of ICO in a certain region.

ICO Catalog also provides a detailed analysis of each ICO which can help you take the inform decision. You can learn more about the ICO Catalog by visiting the official website https://icoscatalog.com.

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