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Big Caps

Cointrellis Chart Grids were one of our original reasons for building this website. Day-traders need to have as much detail on the short-term price action of altcoin trading pairs as they can get, but they want to see all the coins at the same time in one screen view. After struggling to find any crypto internet service which provides multi-chart views on the same webpage, the closest thing we could find was cryptowat.ch. However, their chart settings don’t allow for smaller timeframes and you can’t see indicators unless you click into each coin, at which point you lose the ability to scroll through loads of coins quickly within the same screen view.

With the exception of Ripple/XRP (Kraken), we have selected the trading pairs available on Coinbase and Binance (the world’s #1 altcoin exchange) for our chart grid pages. Coinbase pairs are displayed in order of market cap, while Binance pairs are in alphabetical order. All charts update in real time and without the need for browser refresh/reload.

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