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Coindera Pro | coin❖trellis

Coindera Pro


Best Crypto Price Alerts Website

This review is really just an opportunity to share with our visitors the end destination of our long search for an effective crypto day trader’s alert service.

Best in Class

There really is no competition. It’s Coindera (Pro version) or it’s nothing at all.

(In the interests of full disclosure, at time of writing, coin❖trellis is not in any arrangement to receive kickbacks from the Coindera people at all. You just need to know about this excellent online product.)

Necessity truly is the mother of invention, and even the better real-time coin table websites (see our other review for CoinCheckup.com) only offer granularity of altcoin price changes down to the 1-hour time frame. By the time an hour has passed, you have probably missed the safest and most profitable part of any short-term upward move – the risk/reward ratio after that time is too poor to weigh in at that point.

Rest of the Class

So you start to look around for an alerts service, and you find plenty of websites and mobile apps purporting to offer much more rapid information. Some like CryptoAlert for iOS do give you audio notifications on your coins, and others like CryptoMarketScanner offer desktop-based alerts with audio, including for the Binance exchange. However, the latter doesn’t offer saveable customer profiles, and it’s not intuitive at all when you try and configure for a wide range of alts.

After much searching through the iOS app store and Google search for web services we came across an item which ranks virtually top of the search engine results – Coindera. It’s just that we initially put it aside because it didn’t offer a free trial period for the Pro version – the Pro version being the only option that includes percentage change alerts.

Coindera %-alert setup
Coindera %-alert setup

Once you’ve signed up for $5 per month (a tiny figure when you consider that a single morning trade for a good day trader should make much more profit than that) you then get access to the percentage change alerts option. As indicated in the screenshots here, you can then stipulate that should a coin/token rise/fall by a given percentage in a very small time frame, you will receive notification, either within the website or the third-party app Pushover, which works much like Telegram.

User Interface

The UI really stands out as looking clean and professional in a marketplace where it seems that most of the players haven’t yet upgraded to HTML5 and CSS3.

The system is set up so that alerts time out after they have triggered on so many separate occasions. Even setting the maximum alert of 100 can result in the user having to go back in after setup and moving it from 10 to 100 in the dropdown menu, but this is really a very small gremlin in a lovingly designed product.

We did find that the latest trading pair additions for our chosen exchange (Binance) were not yet available. Upon referral to Coindera (who are always quick to reply) the issue relates to the Binance API, but when we took the matter to Binance they say the API is always up to date and to refer back to the external service provider. But this game of ping-pong only affects a tiny minority of the very latest exchange additions, and they always seem to make it onto the system in the end.


It would be great to see audio options added to the feature list for the future, but in the meantime, this is a must-buy for any day trader, particularly one on a budget.


Coindera Pro

US$5.00 per month
Coindera Pro


9.0 /10

External integration

8.0 /10

User friendliness

9.0 /10

Technical support

8.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • High granularity of time frames
  • Percentage rise/fall feature unavailable elsewhere
  • Offers Binance pairs and many other new exchanges
  • Clean, simple modern user interface
  • Quick personalised customer service response


  • API time lag adding new currency pairs on exchanges
  • 5-10 minute delay passing on alerts
  • No audio or free trial period for Pro version
  • Maximum alert cycle capped at 100
  • Alerts set to 100 flip back to 10 after initial setup

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